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Scam Protection and Regulation Kit

Stop fraud at its roots.

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Our API is very easy to impliment and will take you virtually no time.


For only cents per use, your profits will be near untouched.


Supported by industry leaders, our technology is reliable and fool proof.

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Defend Your Users

Without market regulation, there is low market quality and unfriendly user experience.

Plagiurised NFTs

Catch scammers uploading other artists work and stop them before they damage your user trust

Copyrighted Branding

Protect big brands who don't want their logos & content misused on your marketplace.

Explicit Content

Nudity, drinking, drugs, gore and more can be regulated from your market as well.

Hate Speech

WW2 ended a long time ago. Our API doesn't like swastikas, swearing or other hateful content.

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Make your platform safe and secure with the most powerful API for markets in the industry.

Frequently Asked

Take the time to read our FAQs

How much does it cost?

For every background check, it can cost you as little as $0.01!

How long does it take to impliment?

Less than 30 minutes if you already have a developer, or for a plugin fee of $250.00, we can do it for you within the day.

How does it differ from other tools?

SPARK is the only API capable of completely preventing plagurised/fraudulent arts, copyrighted branding, explicit and hateful content. There are alternatives, but none are nearly as efective.

How does it work?

In seconds, any uploaded NFT goes through the API to check all listed blockchains for duplicates as well as passes them through a safe-content check. Straight forward and so simple.

Can I try it for free?

For sure! Every API comes with 50 free background checks to test the technology.

What blockchains do you support?

Right now we currently support Ethereum, Polygon and Solana. Copyrighted branding, explicit content and hate speech regulation can be used regardless of blockchain!